Palm Beach Ken Calls Cops On Black Woman

A Ken from Palm Beach reportedly called the cops on a Haitian woman for riding her bike on a bike path in a gated community.

According to video uploaded on Facebook by Roz Joseph, she was told by the white man, “This is the f***ing United States of America,” as he demanded to know why she was in his gated community. He also insinuated that the woman was a criminal.

The Ken assumed Joseph was not a resident because he hadn’t seen her before. After telling him she didn’t have to answer any questions she confirmed she was a resident.

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The man, after threatening to call the police, actually did and told authorities the woman was “looking for open garages.”

After the FB post was made, Joseph updated it, saying she wrote a letter to her local homeowners association board and property management company.

“My husband & I had to call officers as we wanted the incident documented. No crime was committed (at that point he went back home) so they were unable to do anything but did advise on how to move forward if we continue to be harassed,” she wrote. “We have written a letter to our HOA board and property management company asking for this to be addressed and are waiting for a response.”

It’s unclear if officers responded to the man’s call. 

Watch what happened below.

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