Mom Loses Her Son And Daughter To COVID-19

Florida Governor Ron DeStansis continues to insist upon keeping the state open, even forcing children back in school while the coronavirus is at some of its highest numbers with infection and deaths. It’s the reason why the story of Monete Hicks is so particularly heartbreaking.

According to CNN, Hick’s son Byron, 20 and daughter Mychaela, 23, took a trip to Orlando, Florida. By late June, shortly after returning from Orlando, Byron had trouble breathing and was admitted to the hospital. He would be dead just hours later of COVID-19.

Eleven days later, Mychaela had a fever and a headache and asked to go to the hospital. Hicks told CNN, “She lost a kidney, her liver began to fail. And it just went one after another, one after another.” She died from the coronavirus later that day.

The exact date of their deaths are not known.

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Hicks said they had “health issues, yes but honestly I can’t say where they got this virus from because they basically was homebound.” The only connections she could make was the trip to Orlando for vacation.

She also added, “All I can say is, take this, take this (virus) very seriously, because it’s real, it’s out there,”

Watch Hicks’ interview with CNN below.

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