Lou Williams To Skip NBA Games After Strip Club Visit


Los Angeles Clippers player Lou Williams will miss the first two games of the NBA season after admitting he went to an Atlanta strip club during an approved quarantine break to attend a funeral.

ESPN reports on Sunday (June 26) that Williams has been interviewed by NBA security and told them that he went to the Magic City gentlemen’s club. He said he was at the Atlanta club for a short time on Thursday, and there were no entertainers present while he was there.

Williams reportedly told NBA investigators that he attended a viewing for Paul G. Williams, which ended at around 6pm Thursday, then went to Magic City for dinner.

Williams must complete a 10-day quarantine before he’s allowed back on the court, the NBA announced on Sunday.


An investigation is underway after Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams was excused from the “bubble” in Orlando, Florida.

ESPN reports that the NBA is trying to determine the length of Williams’ new re-quarantining process after he was photographed by rapper Jack Harlow at an Atlanta gentlemen’s club on the evening of Thursday (July 23).

Harlow immediately deleted the post from his Instagram story and tweeted out that the photo was old.

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“That was an old pic of me and Lou. I was just reminiscing cuz I miss him,” he said.

However, the picture not only shows Williams holding a drink but shows him wearing an NBA mask that was recently given out to players and staff on the Orlando campus.

Williams reportedly told NBA investigators that he would be attending a viewing for the father of a close family friend, Paul G. Williams, on July 23rd and later went to the Magic City Gentlemen’s Club for dinner.

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A photo tweeted by Lou Williams on July 24 confirmed his whereabouts, “Long Live Pops,” he captioned in the image. 

Moments later, Williams sent out another tweet to his fans detailing why he had ended up at Magic City. 

“Ask any of my teammates what’s my favorite restaurant in Atlanta is,” he said. “Ain’t nobody partying. Chill out lol. #Maskon #inandout.”

The COVID-19 policy issued by the NBA reports that Williams was tested for the virus each day that he was away from the Florida campus.  Players are required to a minimum four-day quarantine upon arrival from leaving campus on an excused absence.

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