50 Cent’s Son Replaces Dad With Pop Smoke As Top Five Rapper

Every hip-hop fan has their top five rappers of all time and as new rappers emerge and hip-hop’s sound changes, the lists grow, evolve and change. 50 Cent‘s son, Marquise Jackson, is changing his top five list and his rap dad is no longer on it.

On Sunday (July 26), an Instagram Live video of 50 Cent’s son choosing between Pop Smoke and 50 Cent began to circulate on social media. The son of one of the veteran rappers from New York City explained why Pop Smoke was a better artist than his father and why he chose to replace Pop with Fif in his top five.

When asked “Who is better, 50 [Cent] or Pop [Smoke],” Fif’s 22-year-old son responded instantly saying, “Pop Smoke.”

As the conversation continued, Fif’s son explained why the rapper had made his way into his top five. “Nah, I told niggas I was replacing 50 in my top five for Pop Smoke, let me tell you why,” he continues. “Pop is in my top five…The only reason I am saying Pop is because he has both. He can do what 50 do, he sounds like him and he has melody. “

Both 50 Cent and Pop Smoke are New York rappers who have gained respect in their individual boroughs. In his death, Pop Smoke has cemented a legacy of greatness with multiple mixtapes and his debut LP, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon. The album, which was given a helping hand by the Queen’s native, went No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 earlier this month selling 251,000 equivalent album units in its first week.

While this particular moment regarding 50 Cent and his son seems comical, the pair’s relationship has been less than peachy. 50 and Marquise’s relationship has been strained for years. The two have traded insults back and forth, denouncing their relationship as father and son.

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