Boosie Hosts Pool Party During Coronavirus, Faces Backlash

As the Coronavirus continues and enters its fifth month of nationwide restrictions, Boosie Badazz threw his annual pool party, and a lot of people are not happy about it.

On Monday (July 27), Images of Boosie Badazz‘s annual “Wet and Wild” pool party began to circulate social media. Given that the entire country has paused to get the COVID-19 virus under control, it is not surprising that the rapper has come under fire for his decision to host the gathering during these times.

As images and videos from the party continue to emerge, hundreds of people can be seen partying without masks or social distancing. Many people are drinking and smoking in Boosie’s backyard.

One Twitter user voiced concerns over the “Wipe Me Down” rapper‘s ongoing issues with diabetes and how he is at high risk of catching coronavirus with complications to his health.

“Boosie got the worst case of diabetes you could imagine and always be asking his followers for insulin and he got a 1000 niggas at his house for a pool party lol.”

Another person on the app encouraged event-goers to get tested and social distance. “If u went to Boosie pool party in Atlanta, stay away from me and go get tested.”

The party took place in Atlanta, GA., which has seen cases surge since opening early to resume business as usual. In the last two months, cases have gone from the hundreds to thousands and many people have died in the process. With Bossie’s party occurring and hundreds of people showing up, it’s possible new cases can be linked to the event.

Check out other comments on the event below.

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