Michelle Obama Meets With NBA And WNBA To Talk About Voting

Michelle Obama is doing everything she can to encourage people to vote in the upcoming election, which is less than 100 days away. The former First Lady has been particularly intentional about reaching out to young Black voters, and met with NBA and WNBA players on Sunday (July 26) to talk about voting, according to NBA All-Star Chris Paul.

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“We’re gonna talk about the importance of voting and making sure your voice is heard,” Paul said after their scrimmage on Sunday, via The Oklahoman. “And I think that’s very important that we’re doing this together, right? Not just NBA players, not just WNBA players, but we’re doing it together. We can share stories and know how each other feels.”

No further details about the meeting were provided.

Mrs. Obama’s voter registration efforts fall under her When We All Vote initiative. She announced on Sunday that the campaign has already registered 100,000 new voters, and they hope to double that number before November.

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