Black Teen Mourns Passing Of Parents From COVID-19

An Atlanta-area teen is grieving the loss of both of his parents, who reportedly died from COVID-19 complications within days of one another.

Justin Hunter, 17, told local station WSB-TV that the whole family had tested positive for coronavirus two weeks ago. He was asymptomatic, but his parents, Eugene and Angie Hunter became very ill after their diagnoses.

“They became very sick and they had the clear symptoms,” said Hunter. “Their temperatures skyrocketed. They had headaches. Horrible cough. They felt very lazy.” 

Hunter said that he doesn’t know how or where they contracted the virus and that they were taking all the necessary precautions to protect themselves. 

“We were a regular family just trying to stay safe during this pandemic,” Hunter said. “When my mom would go to the store, she would be wearing [a] mask and she would be wearing gloves.”

Initially, his parents were quarantining at home, but as their conditions worsened  they were hospitalized. 

Eugene Hunter died July 26 at age 59 and Angie Hunder died July 30 at age 57.

The couple met in college and were married 35 years, Hunter said. Both of them were well loved in the community and always reached out to others to help.

“They were just loving toward everybody. No matter what,” Hunter told the outlet. “If you had a problem, they would be there to help you. You know that they had very big hearts and they would give without even thinking about getting anything back.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the teen and has raised more than $448,000 so far. Hunter, who has aspirations of playing college and pro football, said that in his parents honor, he will continue to push toward that goal. 

“They never raised me to sit around and feel sorry for myself in any situation, and I just gotta keep going and pushing,” he said. “I know they’re happy up there and that’s what makes me happy.”

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