Condoleezza Rice On Monuments

On Tuesday (August 4), Condoleezza Rice said she doesn’t understand why people defend the Confederacy. However, she did claim that a rapid removal of statues could erase history.

“I actually don’t know why anybody wants to defend the Confederacy and Confederate monuments,” the former Secretary of State said while speaking during the Aspen Security Forum on August 4.

But she also added, “I also don’t know why anybody wants to tear down a statue of Abraham Lincoln and slaves which was actually funded by freed slaves,” the former diplomat said. “So this has gotten a little out of control, frankly.”

Rice is referring to the Abraham Lincoln statue at Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C. The statue portrays a Black man kneeling at the feet of Lincoln.

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As Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), told The Washington Post in June, “Although formerly enslaved Americans paid for this statue to be built in 1876, the design and sculpting process was done without their input, and it shows. The statue fails to note in any way how enslaved African Americans pushed for their own emancipation.”

Rice continued, “I don’t want to be the Soviet Union where we’re trying to erase history, but the glorification of the Confederacy … this glorification of people with military bases named after military officers who tried to destroy the country, I don’t get it.”

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