Rayshard Brooks Case: D.A. Seeks To Revoke Ex-Cop’s Bond

Prosecutors are calling for the former Atlanta police officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks to be sent back to jail for violating his bond by traveling to Florida without permission.

The office of the Fulton County District Attorney filed a motion to revoke Garrett Rolfe’s bond after he went to Daytona Beach, WSB-TV reported. The ex-cop was granted a $500,000 bond on June 30 and had restrictions placed on his ability totravel, including a curfew.

The bond order “expressly states that the Defendant is only allowed to leave home for medical, legal, or work related obligations,” according to the five-page motion.

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Attorneys for Brooks’ family said they were upset to learn about Rolfe’s actions.

“It is disrespectful No. 1 to the judge. No. 2 to the judicial system. And No. 3 to the family of Rayshard Brooks,” attorney Chris Stewart said during a Wednesday (Aug. 5) press conference. “He is an officer. He understands this process better than anyone else. It doesn’t list vacation as one of those things.”

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Rolfe and Brooks encountered each other the night of June 12 in an Atlanta Wendy’s parking lot. A worker there had called police after discovering Brooks, 27, had fallen asleep in the drive-thru after a night of drinking. After a calm interaction, a scuffle broke out between Brooks, Rolfe and another officer, Devin Brosnan. As Brooks tried to flee, Rolfe opened fire, hitting him in his back and killing him.

Rolfe was charged with 11 counts, including felony murder. Brosnan had three charges, including aggravated assault.

Brooks’ widow, Tomika Miller, said she believes Rolfe’s bond should be revoked.

“I was baffled when I heard about this. It let me know Rolfe didn’t care what the judge laid down or what other people would feel,” said Miller. “I’m hurt and again I’m just wondering when will justice be served. When will things change?”

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