Teenager Dies During Shooting At Washington, D.C. Cookout

A large gathering in D.C. ended up in a teenager being killed and 21 people being shot.

According to CBS, someone opened fire at a cookout on August 8 in Washington, D.C. A 17-year-old named Christopher Brown was fatally shot. An off-duty police officer was also shot and she is reportedly “struggling for her life right now,” DC Police Chief Peter Newsham said.

NBC reports, “Over 100 rounds were fired by what police believe to be at least four shooters at the scene. One weapon has been recovered.”

Police are looking for the suspects but it is not clear why the shooting started. There were reportedly “hundreds of people” at the D.C. cookout.

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Chief Newsham said at a press conference Sunday that he wants to stop large gatherings, especially in the time of COVID-19, “Nobody can predict that a shooting like this is going to happen at a gathering like this, but we can’t have these large gatherings in the city.”

Newsham continued, “Preliminarily there were police officers on the scene. I want to confirm that, I want to talk to the management team over here and see if we were doing everything we possibly could. Because we can’t tolerate these types of gatherings in our city during COVID-19, it’s just too dangerous.

There was no permit for the gathering, even though Washington D.C. requires a permit for gatherings of 50 or more. Newsham claims police tried to break up the gathering but were not able to due to the crowd size.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser said, “It is very important that as a community we have zero tolerance for this activity.”

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