Black Man Films White Woman Calling Him The N-Word

An elderly white woman in California admits to continually calling a Black father the N-word while he tries to pick up his two sons from his aunt’s residence. In what has become commonplace in incidents like these, it was exposed on social media as another “Karen” conflict.

The man, who goes by Mr. Carter (@carteruno) on Instagram, posted video of the racist encounter with the woman in the parking lot of a Highland, Calif., apartment complex. In the 10-minute clip, the woman accuses the 34-year-old man of “stealing” from her when all he did was simply use a resident’s parking space to briefly retrieve his two boys.

“You’re still stealing from me,” the woman says after she accuses Carter of entering the apartment complex to “get a piece of a**.”

“And you called me a n****r,” he replies. 

“So? I’ve got a constitutional right to free speech,” she responds. “I’m an American and proud of it. I don’t have to leave America to go to Africa — like you guys have to leave Africa to come to America.”

Carter then argues with the woman, trying to explain American chattel slavery to her, but to no avail.

The woman’s car is also filmed blocking Carter from leaving the complex and said she wouldn’t let him go until a police officer visited the situation. Another woman is also filmed witnessing the altercation from her balcony and apologizes for how the Karen is treating Carter.

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“Is this your people again, illegally parking?” she asks the fellow resident.

“Are you fighting with me? No, don’t fight with me,” the resident responds. “They didn’t take your space.”

Eventually, a Black officer approaches the scene and is in disbelief when Carter tells him everything the woman has said to him.

Carter is then seen explaining that he “accepts” her frustration over the parking space he used, but expressed the importance of her not being hostile to future minorities she might antagonize.

“What I don’t wanna accept is all this animosity and hate that you have in your heart,” he says, adding that he hopes she has a “blessed day.”

“It’s crazy how this lady just really went off on me and my boys, though,” Carter says after getting in his car and driving away. “It is what it is, right? Be careful out here, man. Racism is real, bro.”

The video, which was posted on August 4, has since received thousands of views and tons of comments from people applauding the man on his restraint and how he handled the situation.

“You are a class act. Fortunate little boys to have such a father. All power, peace, and joy to you and yours,” one commentor wrote. “I am impressed that a person can have this much control in the presence of such ignorant hatred,” another commented.

A representative for the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department also commended Carter’s handling of the incident and confirmed that one of their officers witnessed it.

“The Sheriff’s Department does not condone the use of any type of racial slurs. We commend the gentleman in this video for his demeanor and level headedness,” the representative told Insider. “The deputy arrived at the location to assist and we are pleased the situation resolved peacefully.”

Watch the full video of what went down below.

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