Breonna Taylor Billboard In Louisville Vandalized

Nearly two weeks after Oprah commissioned billboards depicting Breonna Taylor across the state of Kentucky, one of the billboard’s was vandalized. Taylor was the 26-year-old EMT technician who was slain inside of her own home during a botched police raid back in March, whose death sparked protest marches across the country this summer.

On Tuesday (August 18), the Courier Journal reported that red paint had been splattered across Taylor’s forehead on the billboard. The sign was one of 26 billboards erected across Taylor’s home town to amplify her case amid resounding calls for justice. The billboards, a project from Oprah and her O Magazine, call for the officers involved with Taylor’s death to be arrested and charged. 

Taylor was fatally shot inside of her own home after three Louisville officers — Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankison, and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly — entered using a “no knock” search warrant, which has since been outlawed. 

Hankison was later fired for his role in the shooting but so far, none of them have been arrested, or charged in connection to her death.

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Amid an ongoing internal investigation, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron met with Taylor’s family last week, although not much was revealed. One of their lawyers, Lonita Baker, conveyed their hope that one or more of the officers responsible for Taylor’s death are charged.

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