DNC Host Tracee Ellis Ross Celebrates Sen. Kamala Harris

Following the first night of the Democratic National Convention, Democrats came out in full force to highlight former Vice President Joe Biden’s leadership style and record. 

Tonight’s host is actress Tracee Ellis Ross who took the opportunity to point out what this moment meant to her, noting that Black women typically are the unyielding strength behind-the-scenes but rarely ever acknowledged, valued or given the credit to be the true leaders of the Party. Biden’s running-mate choice last week means that is about to change.

“But, we are turning the tide…. HELLO, KAMALA. Her nomination is historic for anyone who believes in We the People,” said Ellis Ross.

Ellis Ross also took the opportunity to mention the unsung women of the Democratic Party like Shirley Chisholm, whose 1972 presidential bid challenged Democrats to stand for social, economic and racial justice, perhaps before the world was truly ready to do so. 

For more, check out BET’s DNC blog here

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