Comedian Sarah Cooper Brings Donald Trump To The 2020 DNC

Donald Trump made an appearance during the final night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Well, kind of… he was there in the form of comedian Sarah Cooper, who has gained notoriety for her parodies of the president that have gone viral on social media. 

Cooper typically takes a soundbite from a speech or press conference that Trump has done and mouths the words of him talking. It’s a funny juxtaposition to see his words coming out of her mouth, but tonight, she decided to take a more serious approach. One that focused on how Trump is seemingly spreading misinformation about the vote by mail process. 

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In her own words, Cooper said: “I’ve heard Donald Trump say some pretty unhinged things. I’ve heard them over, and over, and over again. But nothing is more dangerous to our democracy than his attacks on mail-in voting during a pandemic. Here’s the truth: Donald Trump doesn’t want any of us to vote because he knows he can’t win fair and square. So whether you plan to vote by mail or in person wearing your mask it is your vote and it’s your right.”

For even more highlights from BET’s coverage of Wednesday night’s official 2020 Democratic National Convention, click here.

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