‘Drive-Thru Karen’ Blasts Black Man With White Friends

Another day, another Karen goes viral. This time, the incident happened in Arizona where a white woman, who was clearly intoxicated, was standing outside of her car in a drive through yelling at a group of friends – both Black and white.

Captured on video, the woman, who was in the vehicle in front of the young men, began screaming incoherent racist comments at them.

“You f***ing Black b***h,” she’s heard yelling in a slurred speech. “You’re Black hanging out with white kids and that’s your problem.”

She then turned her attention to the Black man’s white friends: “You ignorant white f**ks videotaping my ass?”

The group of friends can be heard laughing, which only egged on the woman’s rage. “You little millennials, sitting here videotaping my ass,” she continues.

When another man in a different car asks how old Karen is, she flipped out even more. 

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“You f*****g millennials is the best thing that just hit the f*****g joint, dude,” she yells. “F**k you, and f**k you!”

The whole thing ends when one of the men gets out of his car and tries to convince the woman to relax.

“If the cops come, we all f*****d right now. So why don’t we just get in the car and calm down?” the man tells Karen. “You out here yelling with your titties halfway out.”

“You have everybody twisted,” she replies.

“You smell like Twisted Tea!” the man says. “Calm down. You out here drunk.” 

Karen finally makes one last incoherent statement and high-fives the man she just yelled at.

Police weren’t called to the scene, unlike a June incident at a Wendy’s in Atlanta, where Rayshard Brooks was attempting to sleep off his intoxication in his car. Brooks was killed by a police officer after the two engaged in a calm and civil conversation.

Watch video of the Arizona incident, below:

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