Keisha Lance Bottoms Quotes Poet Audre Lourde At DNC

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms solidified her position as a national voice of reason on Thursday at the Democratic National Convention.

Bottoms, who was considered as a possible running mate for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, spoke about the influence of the late Rep. John Lewis on the soul of America and its ideals of public service. She focused on the need for Americans to engage in the process by registering to vote and then casting that vote come election day.

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 “Congressman Lewis would not be silenced. And neither can we. Our votes can be our voice!,” she said during her speech reminding all Americans that the time to get involved is now. 

Lance Bottoms tested positive for the coronavirus last month along with her husband, but stood in her full strength as she explained why this moment is so critical for the people of Atlanta as well as the nation at large. 

“Indeed, there are those who are disgracefully using this pandemic to spread misinformation and interfere with voting,” said Lance Bottoms, “Forcing many, in 2020, to still risk their lives to exercise their sacred right to vote—a right that has already been paid for with the blood, sweat, tears, and lives of so many.”

A mother of four Black children, Lance Bottoms made sure to explain why she’s supporting this Democratic ticket in their efforts to win the White House. 

“We know how important it is that we elect real servant leaders, leaders like Joe Biden an Kamala Harris—people of honor and integrity, who hold justice close to their hearts and believe that the lives of my four Black children matter. In the words of womanist poet Audre Lorde, “Your silence will not protect you.”

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