People Think NBA YoungBoy Copied Roddy Ricch’s Album Artwork

Imitation is typically considered the highest form of flattery, but every once in a while, a replica is trashed in favor of the original.

On Thursday (Aug. 20), following the announcement of his upcoming album and the artwork’s reveal, NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again was accused of biting Roddy Ricch‘s style and copying his Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial cover art. While some fans stepped in to defend the young rapper, others have used their accounts to call him out.

If looking at the two covers side-by-side, their similarities are undeniable. Just like the image from Roddy’s 2019 smash, YoungBoy delivers a black and white solo shot of the rapper with chains around his neck. The angeling and posing also favor each other but who is to say that the simplistic style isn’t a coincidence.

“Man, I thought Roddy was dropping a deluxe 😂😂😂,” one fan wrote on Twitter referencing a past project from the “The Box” rhymer.

Another fan posted in the Baton Rouge native’s defense. “Some of you are acting as if Roddy Ricch started the black and white album cover trend💀.” The social media user then went on to explain how artists influence and inspire each other. “Like Kodak, chief and surprise surprise “YB” haven’t influenced more than 70% of the current rap game today😂.”

Since fans began speculating about the artwork’s inspiration, the NBA has yet to come forward about anything concerning the album‘s cover.

Check out more reactions to NBA YoungBoy’s album artwork below.

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