Michigan Reportedly Reaches $600M Deal In Flint Water Crisis

The residents of Flint, Michigan will reportedly receive $600 million to compensate for lead-tainted drinking water, which began back in April of 2014.

The details are not public but, according to the Associated Press, after 18 months of negotiations with the offices of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel and the residents of Flint, a $600 million settlement was reached.

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A spokesperson for Attorney General Nessel said in a statement, “We and the other parties are bound by a federal court order to maintain the confidentiality of detailed settlement and mediation communications until we reach a certain point. We have not yet reached the point where we can discuss a potential settlement.”

The NewYork Times reports “tens of thousands of Flint residents” will be eligible to receive settlement money but it is  “subject to approval by a federal judge in Michigan.” 

Flint’s public health crisis began in 2014 when the city switched water sources from Detroit to the Flint River until a new water pipeline was built. Corroded pipes transferred lead into the drinking water and what was supposed to be a money-saving attempt grew into a state of emergency.

Due to the drinking water, thousands of adults and children in Flint were exposed to lead poisoning.

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