Detroit Cop Ruthlessly Shoots Black Woman’s Dog

A Detroit police officer has sparked outrage for ruthlessly shooting a dog in the face, despite the pet being fenced in on private property. The horrific incident occured when the cop, whose identity is not known, lost control of his own K9.

Video of the encounter has gone viral, prompting demands that the officer be fired and prosecuted. It shows a white dog, on a lawn and behind a fence, following along as the cop and his K9 walk along the sidewalk. A woman, presumably the white dog’s owner, is seen trailing behind her pet. Towards the end of the fence, the two dogs attack each other, and within a minute the cop pulls out his gun, points it at the white dog at point blank range and shoots. The white dog is seen twitching violently before the video cuts out. Presumably, the dog was killed.

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Watch the video below [WARNING: graphic content]:

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