Georgia Cop Fired After Viral Assault

A Gwinnett County Police Officer has been fired after he tased an unarmed Black woman on her front porch in a shocking encounter that was captured on video, which later went viral.

The woman on the video has been identified as Kyndesia Smith, 22. She was arrested on charges of felony obstruction and simple battery against a police officer on Thursday night (August 20) by officer Michael Oxford, who has since been fired, according to the New York Post.

Smith was knocked into the bushes from the force of the Taser shock while standing on the porch of her mother’s home, the viral TikTok video shows.

“The investigation in this case has shown that Officer Oxford violated our policy and did not meet our core values,” the department said, “We strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that promotes mutual respect within the community and our peers.”

Police had claimed Smith repeatedly resisted arrest though the video appears to show the officer pushing Smith into the back of his police car when she seems to kick him.

“He should get fired because he needs more training,” Smith’s mother Aytra Thomas told WSB-TV 2 on Thursday night. “Her side where the Taser went at is messed up. Her neck, her back, my shoulder. It ain’t have to go that way. It could have gone a whole other way.”

The incident began on Tuesday evening when Thomas and a neighbor allegedly had a dispute. An officer reportedly responded because the neighbor said someone had thrown a water bottle at her car and threatened her nine-year-old.

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“He had seen surveillance from the incident, and that’s how he recognized this woman,” Cpl. Collin Flynn with the Gwinnett County Police Department said.

When the officer went to the house, the department claims Smith wouldn’t let the officer ask questions.

“He then warned her that she would be tased. She continued to resist, and she was tased,” Flynn said.

Thomas, on the other hand, says the officer acted aggressively immediately.  

“When he came up, he said, ‘Y’all need to shut the f**k up,’” she said.

When asked by WSB-TV 2 whether Thomas knew if her daughter threw anything or made any threats, she said, “No. That’s not true.”

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“I didn’t threaten him. She didn’t threaten him. She only told him, ‘I didn’t want to talk.’ That was true. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t have to talk,” Thomas said.

Oxford was initially placed on administrative leave while the Gwinnett County Police Department conducted an investigation.

Oxford had been with the department since February 2019 and had no prior disciplinary history.

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