NBA Player Allegedly Punches Woman At Gas Station

Gerald Wilkins, an ex-NBA player and younger brother of NBA legend Dominique Wilkins, allegedly punched a woman and a man at an Atlanta gas station at around 3 am and was arrested on Tuesday (August 18).

According to TMZ, the former New York Knicks player faces three criminal charges, including battery. The police report reads that Wilkins told cops he got into an argument with a female rideshare driver who refused to let him inside her car unless he ordered the ride through the company’s app.

The driver then claims Wilkins got angry and punched her in the shoulder. That’s when two male witnesses jumped in to break it up.

One of the male witnesses claims he was punched in the face by Wilkins during the incident. A third and nearby witness supports the female drive’s account and says Wilkins was the instigator.

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Wilkins then called 911 and claimed to be the victim, telling the operator he was attacked.

Police arrived on scene, but did not believe Wilkins’ story. He was arrested on two counts of misdemeanor simple battery and a count of misdemeanor criminal trespass.

Gerald Wilkins played for the Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Vancouver Grizzlies and Orlando Magic during his 14 years in the NBA.

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