Cops Fire Explosives At Protestors In Lafayette, LA

A protest at the Lafayette, Louisiana gas station where Trayford Pellerin, a Black man, was shot and killed by police as he walked away from them resulted in violence induced by cops.

According to TMZ, police in riot gear fired flash-bang explosives at around 150 protestors on Saturday night, as they chanted “hands up, don’t shoot.” Several arrests were made at the scene.

Pellerin, 31, was walking toward the gas station holding a knife when police started following him. The officers on the scene claimed they resorted to gunfire when tasering didn’t work, but didn’t explain why 11 shots to the back were needed when one non-lethal bullet would have stopped Pellerin from entering the gas station. The deputies involved in the deadly incident have been placed on administrative leave, pending investigation.

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The family of Pellerin have retained civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump to represent them in a lawsuit against the police department.

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