Georgia Father Breaks Down While Dropping Son Off At College

An emotional video of a Georgia father dropping off his son at college has gone viral.

In the clip, Ken Mohammad is seen tearfully saying goodbye to his 18-year-old son Nasir Mohammad at Valdosta State University, while his mother records the heart-melting moment.

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“Alright, dropping baby boy off at the dorm,” Mohammad’s mother says on camera. “It’s going to be alright. It’s going to be alright.”

The video shows Ken breaking down in tears while hugging his son. “I’ll miss you, son,” he says while crying “You’ve been with me your whole life. You’re gone now.”

“I just kind of broke down and lost it,” he told WSB-TV 2. “I’ve never really been away from my son before.”

Ken says the pandemic also took away his son’s chance at a proper celebration of his graduation, so this was the moment that really got to him.

“Seniors really got robbed this year,” he said. “So you didn’t have a prom. You didn’t have a graduation for me to cry at.”

The video also shows Nasir’s parents advising him on making good decisions while at school and reminding him that they’re only a phone call away. Nasir says his dad has always been his greatest motivator.

“He really wanted me to go to college,” Nasir said. “He wanted me to get higher education. So I knew that he was going to be proud.”

Watch the viral moment unfold below.

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