Juice Wrld’s Apparent Instagram Account From 2012 Surfaces

Looks like an Instagram page belonging to the late Juice Wrld prior to the fame has surfaced online.

The IG page, which is called @d_g_a_f_, was apparently dug up by fans last year, as seen in a Reddit post, but resurfaced the internet recently. The page hasn’t had an upload since Nov. 18, 2012 and contains pictures of a teenage Juice Wrld, numerous quotes, a Supreme brand hat, a wad of cash in a rubber band and images of Tyler, The Creator, whom the Chicago native was quite fond of before his untimely passing back in December.

The page also features quotes from Tyler, The Creator and a screenshot of Bone Thug-N-Harmony’s 1997 track “Look Into My Eyes” from iTunes. “Look into my eyes…the best song ever,” the social media post’s caption reads. As of reporting time, the Instagram page, which says Jpot in the bio section, has just over 80,000 followers. The account is only following seven people, including rappers Dizzy Wright and Earl Sweatshirt, and has 24 posts altogether.

Five years after the IG page’s last upload, Juice Wrld rose to stardom with his breakout hit “Lucid Dreams.” A year after the track took off, XXL caught up with Juice, who appeared on our first episode of Spend Some Time, a series where we spent time with some of your favorite rappers. During the stop at Chinatown’s Unique Hype Collection, Juice Wrld shared that his affinity for Supreme clothing came from Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future.

“I remember seeing [Supreme] early on, just me being obsessed with just skating and stuff like that,” the then-19-year-old rapper told XXL at the time. “Around like sixth [or] seventh grade, that’s when [Tyler, the Creator], Odd Future started blowing up. That had a big influence, too, ’cause [Tyler, the Creator] used to always wear ‘Preme. Tyler, that’s another one of my influences, like I [was] really, really, really, really listening to Odd Future like super heavy. They used to just mention ‘Preme a lot, so I just kinda educated myself more on it.”

Juice Wrld‘s official Instagram page is @juicewrld999 and since his passing in 2019, it has been ran by his team.

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