6ix9ine’s New Album Called Tattle Tales Will Drop Next Week

6ix9ine will be releasing his first album since completing his prison sentence while on home confinement, and it’s arriving sooner than anyone expected.

On Thursday (Aug. 26), Tekashi confirmed his next studio album, he has affectionately named, Tattle Tales would be released Septemeber 4 ina video shared to Instagram. The news of the forthcoming album comes just one week before its projected arrival.

“We just landed in Chicago and all that. Yo, I got a huge announcement for y’all. I’m droppin’ the album Sept. 4. Tattle Tales, the album, the 24-year-old rapper began. “I think the killers, the hitters, is over here. Try to keep it down. Sept. 4. Yo, listen. Sept. 4, the album’s coming. Let’s pay respect to all the soldiers.”

Tattle Tales will be the second studio album released but the Brooklyn native, and the first project since he was arrested for his involvement with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

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