Clippers Coach Doc Rivers Slams The RNC

LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers decided to use his press conference time to address the RNC fear-mongering message and the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

According to ESPN, after his team won against the Dallas Mavericks on  August 23, Rivers was asked about Jacob Blake during a video press conference and said, “All you hear is Donald Trump and all of them talking about fear. We’re the ones getting killed. We’re the ones getting shot. We’re the ones that we’re denied to live in certain communities. We’ve been hung. We’ve been shot. And all you do is keep hearing about fear.”

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The 58-year-old continued through tears, “It’s amazing why we keep loving this country, and this country does not love us back. It’s really so sad. Like, I should just be a coach. I’m so often reminded of my color. It’s just really sad. We got to do better. But we got to demand better. It’s funny. We protest. They send riot guards. They send people in riot outfits. They go up to Michigan with guns. They’re spitting on cops. Nothing happens.”

He continued,  “The training has to change in the police force. The unions have to be taken down in the police force. My dad was a cop. I believe in good cops. We’re not trying to defund the police and take all their money away. We’re trying to get them to protect us, just like they protect everybody else.”

Watch a clip below:

A viral video from August 23 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, showed Blake walking towards his vehicle as officers had their guns drawn on him. Officers began shooting at Blake multiple times as soon as he entered the car. He was shot in front of his children.

The 29-year-old had reportedly been trying to break up a fight between two women when the police were called to the scene.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Jacob Blake’s father said there are “eight holes” in his son’s body and he’s paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors aren’t sure if he is permanently paralyzed.

“I want to put my hand on my son’s cheek and kiss him on his forehead, and then I’ll be OK,” the father told the newspaper. “I’ll kiss him with my mask. The first thing I want to do is touch my son.”

The officers involved in Blake’s shooting have been placed on administrative leave and the incident is being turned over to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation

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