Anthony McClain’s Father Files Wrongful Death Claim

On Aug. 15, 32-year-old Anthony McClain was fatally shot by police after attempting to flee from a traffic stop. His father and other family members have now filed claims against the city of Pasadena.  

According to Pasadena Now, McClain’s father, Archie Barry is alleging excessive force was used in the wrongful death of his son and is seeking unspecified damages.

Barry’s attorney, Luis Carrillo, said in a press conference outside of  the Pasadena Police Department headquarters on August 27, “The officer that shot and killed Anthony McClain clearly did not have any justifiable reason to shoot and kill Anthony McClain.”

Carrillo continued, “This city does not teach its officers reverence for human life. This officer did not respect Anthony McClain’s life. This officer cowardly shot Anthony McClain in the back. This city does not train its police officers well. Anthony McClain was no imminent threat to this officer or any officers when he was cowardly shot in the back by this police officer. That officer, that night, was trigger happy.”

Barry said, “This breaks me down to have lost my son like this. I see no reason for this to have happened. I don’t know how I can deal with this.”

According to state law, a claim is a first step to a lawsuit. The city has 30 days to respond to the claim before a formal lawsuit can be initiated.

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In the video released on Thursday (August 20), McClain is seen emerging from the passenger side of a vehicle he was riding in and began to run from officers. Police claim the 32-year-old pulled a weapon from his waistband but his family says he was holding his belt buckle.

Police claim a firearm was discovered near the shooting and Pasadena Chief of Police John Perez  says his department is waiting for DNA and fingerprint evidence, according to Pasadena Now

The cop did not turn on his body camera footage until he approached McClain after the shooting.

Watch the press conference below:

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