Lil Reese Has a 6ix9ine Diss on the Way

After calling out 6ix9ine and his girlfriend for coming at him on social media, Lil Reese claims he is set to return fire on the “Gooba” rapper next week.

On Tuesday (Sept. 1), during a conversation with fans on Twitter inquiring about the next release from the Chicago native, Lil Reese explained that it would be a diss aimed directly at the Brooklyn native.

The conversation about the diss track started when a fan posted a tweet wishing for new music from Reese, who responded to the comment promising he would be releasing new music on “9/11.”

The announcement of his next project led to a fan questioning if 6ix9ine would be featured on the tracklist. The 27-year-old rapper, swiftly shut down the ask writing, “Nah, but the first track that come in a 69 diss,” Reese responded in a retweet.

If the release goes as planned, the Supa Savage rhymer will be dropping his new track one week after 6ix9ine plans to deliver his first studio album since being released from serving the remainder of his prison sentence on home confinement.

Reese’s issues with 6ix9ine started after Reese left a comment on Tekashi’s Instagram post while the Brooklyn rapper was promoting his next album, Tattle Tales, which is slated to release later this week. “I heard you just tried to sneak on block bro lol don’t lose yo life playing on internet 69,” Reese said. The “Trollz” rapper later replied, “I just seen a video of u shitten on yourself .” After mentioning the clip, 6ix9ine posted the video from 2019 to his Instagram page to promote his new album before making a parody video of his own of the incident.

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