Arizona Cardinals Player Got Racist Message From 49ers Fan

After the Arizona Cardinals 24-20 win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday (September 13), a player from the Cardinals was allegedly sent racist messages on social media. 

Buddha Baker said on Monday that he was the target of a racially charged attack from an anonymous 49ers fan account on Instagram. Baker revealed the messages that included references to slavery, racial slurs, and an accusation that the safety attempted to injure 49ers player George Kittle. He posted screenshots to Twitter showing a series of offensive messages.

Kittle suffered a knee sprain from a tackle made by Budda late in the first half of Sunday’s game, CBS Sports reports, but later returned to play in the second half. 

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“I’m all good with opposing fans talking trash but this right here man,” Baker said on Twitter. “All you can do is pray for people like this.”

Many 49ers fans came to support Baker, expressing their outrage at the comments on social media. An official statement was released by the NFL team on Tuesday (September 15) to condemn the actions of the racist attack and stated that they would be taking the necessary steps to identify the fan account and ban them from all future events. 

“Incidents like this demonstrate how much work remains to be done to address racism and hate in our society. We remain steadfast in our commitment to that work,” the 49ers team.

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