Disney and Pixar Launch ‘Soul’ Collection

The Disney and Pixar film Soul is released this Christmas.The film stars Jamie Foxx as Joe Gardner, who is a high school band teacher aspiring to be a jazz pianist. The movie is the animated studio’s first film with a Black lead. However, they aren’t stopping there, Disney and Pixar’s have created a curated collection featuring Soul and Joe Gardner.

The collection includes  action figures, T-shirts, dolls, accessories and more. Michael Watson II of HUE Unlimited, an award-winning experience company of creatives, said in a statement to Good Morning America, “We’re proud to work on this meaningful collection inspired by ‘Soul’ and to be able to have each artist’s unique vision shine through,” said Michael Watson II of HUE Unlimited in a statement.

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He also added, “As a part of the next generation of creatives, we deeply understand that authenticity is incredibly important to audiences — so being able to curate a collection of products that represents Black voices overall is a dream come true.” 

Bee Harris, one of the artists who worked on the Soul collection said in a statement, “Working on this collection was a dream come true. It was an honor to highlight the four Black women in Joe’s village. These women represent the strong-willed, supportive women in my life who have helped me discover and walk in my purpose.”

She also added, “I walked away with a deeper understanding of myself and my capabilities as an artist. It was both challenging and inspiring to create something so unique to things I’ve done in the past.”

The full collection is available on Amazon.

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