Mondaire Jones Named Representative To House Leadership

The 2020 election has already set so much precedent both in the White House and in Congress.

While Kamala Harris may be the biggest example of this, becoming the first female and non-white Vice President-elect, the are many down-ticket congressional races that also made history.

Mondaire Jones, who is one of two openly gay Black men elected to Congress this year, will be the freshman class’ representative to the House leadership. He’ll represent the 17th Congressional District in the suburbs of New York City.

According to a press release, the position is the “most influential role available to a freshman member of Congress.” Jones was also voted into the position unanimously.

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Jones is slated to meet weekly with House leadership and will be the spokesperson for the 15 new House of Representatives’ members set to be sworn in on January 3.

Jones will also become a member of the House Steering and Policy Committee, which regularly makes recommendations to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding leadership and committee membership.

“I’m proud to be part of the boldest, most diverse Congress in American history, and we’re ready to get to work on behalf of the American people,” Jones said, according to Yahoo! News. “We know that if we want to see the meaningful change our communities deserve, we need strong, thoughtful leadership at the table where policies are made. I’m grateful to the freshman class of the 117th Congress for providing me the opportunity to advocate for our shared values.”

Speaker Pelosi praised Jones as a “brilliant legal mind” and says his promotion is well-deserved.

“Congressman-elect Mondaire Jones is a force for progress in New York and across America, whose brilliant legal mind, grassroots organizing experience, and spirit of advocacy and action have already enriched our House Democratic majority,” said Pelosi. “His leadership has been acknowledged by his election as freshman representative to leadership, where he will amplify, strengthen, and unify the voices of our diverse, dynamic Democratic caucus.”

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