Patrisse Cullors Shares Vision For Biden-Harris

Patrisse Cullors—one of the three co-founders of Black Lives Matter and a TV writer (Good Trouble) who recently signed an overall production deal with Warner Bros. Television Group—has asked for a seat at the table with the Biden-Harris administration after Black women helped propel them to victory. 

“Black people—especially Black women—have saved the United States,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter in a wide-ranging interview. “Black Lives Matter Global Network alone had direct voter engagement with more than 60 million people via phone banking, text messaging and ads for this historic election.”

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Cullors is hoping the new administration will more than acknowledge the hard work of the Black community. Black Lives Matter Global Network sent a letter to the Biden-Harris team to ask for a seat at the table. They are still waiting for a response.

“We know that the Black Lives Matter Global Network and all the Black-led organizations around the country really helped win this election and we hope that they sit down with the leadership that was dedicated to getting them in office,” she told the entertainment news outlet. “Black Lives Matter will be there to hold the Biden-Harris administration accountable and work with this administration to dismantle a system that for too long hasn’t worked for the Black community.”

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