Alicia Garza Says No Response From Ice Cube After Talk

Ice Cube made headlines right before Election Day when he appeared to be working with the Trump administration on his Contract with Black America agenda. As co-founder of the international Black Lives Matter movement, civil rights activist Alicia Garza even spoke to Ice Cube where he publicly agreed to work with her on further developing the plan.  

While discussing her new book The Purpose of Power: How We Come Together When We Fall Apart on The Clay Cane Show via SiriusXM Urban View, Garza was asked if she has yet to hear from the rapper some over a month after their initial conversation to which she responded with a flat, “No.”

She continued, “I would like to say for the record that I did reach out to him, both in the group chat that Roland [Martin] put us on directly after the show. And I reached out to him individually and, no, I did not ever hear back.”

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Garza has a robust Black agenda via the Black Futures Lab and portion of it was used for Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign. She was also asked about the backlash Ice Cube received after appearing to dismiss how Garza has been attacked by those in support of the Trump administration. She admits that she has received several death threats.

“I honestly felt like he maybe felt ambushed and I don’t think he expected me to pop up that screen.I wanted to give a little bit of compassion, but I also took it as, you know, we have very different approaches to how it is that change happens,” she  said. 

“As I said in that interview, justice is not a business transaction. You really have to make sure that you are bringing people with you, that you are consulting and collaborating with people.”

Watch the clip below:  

Ice Cube has always maintained he didn’t endorse any political candidate during the presidential race. That said, according to Politico, he flew to Washington, D.C. and had a private meeting with Trump advisors, including Jared Kushner on Sept. 14.

Cube claimed that when he spoke to the Biden campaign about his plan, they wanted to talk more after the election. However, Rep. Cedric Richmond, who is now a senior member of the Biden administration as Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, said that’s incorrect and  he even gave the rapper his personal cell number.

Political commentator Bakari Sellers said the rapper was even invited to a meeting with Sen. Kamala Harris, but he did not attend.

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