Russian TV Depicts President Obama With Actor in Blackface

Racism is not only an American cancer but exists in almost every area of the world. A shocking example of bigotry popped up on Russian television, and it targeted the former U.S. president Barack Obama.

On one of the country’s pro-Kremlin comedy shows, TMZ reports, the host is seen interviewing a white Russian actor dressed in a red bandana, black gloves, oversized “hip-hop” attire and blackface — in an offensive effort to imitate the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Though entirely performed in Russian, it was clear the bit was intended to make fun of Blackness in America.

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The host says, “We now go live to the dark side of America’s history, Barack Obama.”

The fake former POTUS launches into a gibberish rap where only a few things can be understood: Black Lives Matter, Barack Obama (his name) and Trump.

TMZ translates the host’s response as, “Can you please stop shouting? We don’t have racism.” Later, the actor playing Obama in blackface comments on the former president’s new best-selling memoir A Promised Land, saying “none of my relatives that came before me could write.”

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Unlike Saturday Night Live political parodies, there was nothing funny about this skit.

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