Breonna Taylor’s Family Joins Va. Governor For New Law

Breonna Taylors family is still fighting for justice, but they are grateful for any change that has happened as a result of the 26-year-old being killed by police. They recently joined Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) for the signing of Breonna’s Law, which bans no-knock search warrants.

Northam said at a ceremonial bill-signing event, “Today we’ve taken a step forward to make sure other families don’t suffer the same loss as your family,” reports The Washington Post.

The governor also added, “Today is not a cause for celebration. Today is a somber occasion.” 

Bianca Austin, Breonna’s aunt, said, “Even though it is quite heart breaking . . . It’s an honor to be here to note that Virginia knows the importance of banning no-knock warrants. We hope this encourages other states to get onboard. . . and that people can follow Virginia’s footsteps in the right direction.”

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After midnight on March 13, officers Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove and John Mattingly executed a “no-knock” warrant at Taylor’s apartment which she shared with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker. Believing they were intruders, Walker fired his weapon and gunfire from the officers ensued. Taylor, 26, was struck six times and died. Cameron claimed the warrant was not a no-knock and the police announced themselves prior to entering the apartment. This has been disputed by Walker and other neighbors who heard the incident.

On Sept. 23, the grand jury returned three counts of “wanton endangerment” in the first degree against Hankinson for firing into another apartment. A $15,000 cash bond was also attached to the charges. The other two officers, Mattingly and Cosgrove, were not charged and remain on the police force. Hankinson was fired in July.

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