New Chicago Bulls Player Says He Got COVID On Thanksgiving

As NBA training camp kicks off, Chicago Bulls player Garrett Temple is quarantining. The new guard is sequestered in a hotel room after testing positive for COVID-19 last month. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, Temple says he may have been exposed to the virus over the Thanksgiving holiday after spending time with family in Louisiana. The 34-year-old guard for the Bulls said that he tested positive for COVID on Saturday (Nov. 28). He was reportedly experiencing shortness of breath, a cough, congestion and fatigue — all which are significant coronavirus symptoms. 

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“We have to be smart about who we’re around (and) about wearing a face mask wherever. I feel like if I had a face mask on during the time with my family, I definitely would have mitigated the risk of getting it,” Temple told the outlet.

As of Sunday (Dec. 6), Temple says that he is feeling much better and his symptoms have passed. He hopes to rejoin the Bulls for training camp practice by the middle of this week, but he must receive two negative coronavirus test results, as stated by NBA protocols. 

“We’ve got to be aware of our surroundings, making sure we adhere to the guidelines. When we go on the road, guys shouldn’t be going out to lounges or bars, try to order food in, order some room service, just staying away from people. And if you do have to be around people, make sure you wear a mask,” says Temple. 

No other Bulls players have tested positive for COVID-19, the Chicago Tribune reports.

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