Arrest Made In The Death Of Breonna Taylor Protester

Hamza “Travis” Nagdy was a 21-year-old protest leader fighting for justice in the Breonna Taylor case. Sadly, on Nov. 23, he was reportedly shot and killed during a carjacking. An arrest has now been made and the suspect could face the death penalty. 

According to The Courier-Journal, Ashton Nally, 20, of Hardin County, was arrested and charged on Dec. 13 with armed robbery of a vehicle. The investigation is still ongoing and state charges for homicide have not been filed as of yet. 

The Courier-Journal reports surveillance footage obtained by LMPD shows someone approaching Nagdy outside of his home. There was an argument and then gunshots were heard. Nagdy fell in the roadway and the suspect drove off in his car. The 21-year-old was reportedly shot three times.

If Nally is convicted of armed robbery of a vehicle, he could face up to a $250,000 fine and no more than three years of supervised release. However, if he is charged with homicide, he could face the death penalty, The Courier-Journal reports. 

Antonio T-Made Taylor, an independent reporter and youth mentor in Louisville, said about Nagdy’s death in November: “Travis really believed he could help change systemic racism. He believed he could be a big part of that change.

“What I’m hoping is he will become a symbol of the violence that’s going on, and people will finally give it the attention that we need to be giving to this record number of homicides in our city,” he added. “We’re just hoping that he will become a symbol of what great lives we are going to lose if we don’t wrap a movement around what’s going on.”

Nagdy often attended protests in Jefferson Square Park, to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

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