Ahmaud Arbery Case: New Body Cam Footage Surfaces

New police body camera footage has surfaced of the moments after the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, 26, the Black Brunswick, Ga., man, who was shot to death in February when a white father and son, Gregory and Travis McMichael pursued him, believing that he was a burglar.

The footage is of the moment police arrived at the scene, almost immediately after the shooting, according to the Associated Press. By the time the first officer got there, Arbery is lying face down on the pavement and Gregory tells his son Travis, “It’s going to be okay. You had no choice.”

As photos are being taken of blood on Travis’ arms, he can be heard saying, “I want it done right, because this doesn’t look good. I mean, I just shot a man. Last thing I’ve ever wanted to do in my life.”

A second officer arrives, rolls Arbery over and can be heard saying, “He’s still breathing, man… I know. I’m going to try to do something for him.” But after about two minutes, the officer says Arbery is dead.

Another officer arrives and acknowledges he knows Gregory McMichaels,  who worked as an investigator at the Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office for more than 20 years, saying, “I do know Greg. How are you doing?”

Gregory McMichaels was seen in the video accusing Arbery of attacking his son and trying to take the gun.  When he asks if his son will be put in handcuffs, an officer replies, “No. Why would he be in cuffs?”

The video was first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which got it after it was filed along with court documents in the case against the McMichaels.

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The McMichaels were arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault on May 7, more than two months after Arbery was killed on February 23.

In addition, William Bryan, who took the initial video of the shooing, was charged with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment charges. He also faces possible hate crime charges and is currently under investigation for sex crimes in an unrelated case

All three have been denied bond.

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