BLM Inspired Group Wants A Registry Created To Track Racists

The leader of a Black Lives Matter-inspired group in the United Kingdom has declared that she wants to create a “race offenders” registry to publicly renounce alleged racists and protect the lives of people of color who live around them. It’s an idea that could make it ways eventually to the United States.

Daily Mail spoke with Sasha Johnson, the 26-year-old leader of the Taking the Initiative Party political group in the U.K., which was founded this past summer, about how the registry — which was originally an idea from Black Lives Matter that was presented to the TTIP party at a conference — would work.

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“If you were to be racially abusive to someone, [the register] would question whether someone is fit enough to hold a particular job where their bias could influence another person’s life,” she said. 

“A lot of racism happens at work and places of education in a micro-aggressive way,” she continued. “If you exhibit an element of bias at work, you should probably receive a warning first [before later being added to the register] so people know in future that you hold these views.”

Johnson also spoke about this registry preventing racists from living near areas that have high concentrations of people of color. 

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“If you live in a majority-colored neighborhood, you shouldn’t reside there because you’re a risk to those people, just like if a sex offender lived next to a school, he would be a risk to those children,” she said.

Aside from the registry, Johnson also believes that Black people should receive reparations from the British government in the form of tax breaks. She outlined how it would work to Daily Mail. 

“Reparations can take the form of tax-free periods, which would give time to build back up economic stability in black communities,” she said. “We have to remember that the Jewish community received reparations for the Holocaust, and no one speaks about forgetting the Holocaust.”

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