Lil Wayne Reportedly On Trump’s List Of Pardons

After the latest signs of impeachable behavior, President Donald Trump is reportedly considering looking into pardoning himself in addition to several well known celebs including Lil Wayne and Kodak Black.

According to Bloomberg, the rappers are on Trump’s potential list, along with members of his family and several close friends, to pardon, which possibly sheds new light on why Wayne endorsed Trump back in October. 

On October 29, Lil Wayne took to Twitter to announce that he met with President Donald Trump to talk about the administration’s page and a half “Platinum Plan” for Black America.

While the rap legend didn’t give an explicit endorsement of the President’s reelection campaign, he had nothing but praise for his plan, which claims to provide $500 billion, a number that had been consistently debunked, to the African American community.

50 Cent claimed that the endorsement wasn’t sincere and Wayne was compensated in some way saying he himself had been offered money to appear at Trump’s inauguration in 2018. If 50 is correct, Wayne’s payday could have come in the form of a pardon. 

In December 2020, Lil Wayne pled guilty to a federal gun charge in Miami and currently faces potentially a decade behind bars.

The charge comes from an incident that occurred December of 2019  when Lil Wayne flew from California to Florida in a private plane which was searched by federal agents at Miami-Opa Locka Airport.

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According to the Miami Herald, Miami-Dade Police were made aware of the plane after receiving a tip that the aircraft was potentially transporting marijuana and weapons. 

This isn’t Wayne’s first brush with the law. The Grammy-award winning rapper has been arrested on multiple weapons-related charges. In 2009, he pled guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon and served eight months of a year-long sentence at New York’s Rikers Island prison. In 2007, Lil Wayne was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana after being caught smoking by a New York City officer. A .40 caliber pistol was discovered near him at the time.

Wayne’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for January 28, 2021. He’s free on $250,000 bail but had to give up his passport.

As for Kodak Black, the 23-year old rapper is currently serving a four-year sentence in federal prison after pleading guilty to weapons charges. His friend, Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, once tweeted “Truzz Trump,” asking the president through Twitter to pardon the rapper. 

According to Pew Research, Trump has granted pardons to only 26 people, many being his friends. Even so, he has pardoned criminals less frequently than any other president in modern history.

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