Obama Surprised Members Of Very Smart Brothas Book Club

Mahogany Books has teamed up with the Very Smart Brothas Book Club to keep books by Black authors and the African American experience at the forefront of discussion, especially in the age of social distancing and online shopping. Co-owners and married couple, Derrick and Ramunda Young, and writer Panama Jackson have fostered this dedication to cultural representation over the last two years, which is why they were chosen to receive a visit from a very special guest during a virtual meeting on Jan. 26. They were in shock when former President Barack Obama crashed their meeting to say hello. 

“I wanted to come on here because let’s see if we can find a way to support our outstanding independent African American bookstores,” said Obama. “I also wanted to see who the brothers were who named themselves, the ‘Very Smart Brothers’ book club.

According to a report on the Today show, the book club is reading Obama’s latest book, “A Promise Land” and even got the opportunity to ask its author some questions about the book, the process in writing it and even the influence from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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MahoganyBooks is a local independent bookstore owned by the Youngs in Washington, D.C., which began online in 2007. By 2017, they opened their very first location D.C.  and will be opening their second location this summer. The store is named after the couple’s daughter, Mahogany. 

See more from the video below:

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