George Floyd Mural in the U.K. Hit By Racist Vandals

A mural in Manchester, England, dedicated to George Floyd, whose death at the hands of Minneapolis police touched off worldwide protests, has been vandalized for a second time with racist graffiti despite city leaders promising to catch those responsible.

The mural, created by British street artist Akse was defaced last summer, when a vandal spray painted the n-word over the artwork. A suspect was caught on a public surveillance video damaging the mural but has yet to be arrested.

“I do not tolerate racism as I suffered from it since childhood, so I went back to fix it as soon as I could,” Akse told the Manchester Evening News last July. “This emphasises the need to carry on the fight against racism.”

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But early Monday, the Evening News reports, a huge “N” was spray painted over it, defacing it once more. City Councillor Jon-Connor Lyons said the mural has been covered up “to prevent further graffiti or cause any emotional damage to our communities.”

According to the Evening News, the city has called Akse back in to repair the mural.

“Racism has no place in Manchester,” said Lyons. “We will not tolerate it and the Council will repair the memorial working with the artist.” He noted that authorities will be reviewing more surveillance footage and will follow leads to find the suspect. “Manchester is an inclusive, welcoming city with people from across the globe. This does not represent Manchester or Mancunians. Whoever did this has achieved nothing.”

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