6ix9ine Releases New Song Zaza

Following the unceremonious flop of his TattleTales album, 6ix9ine returns from hiatus with the new single, “Zaza”, on Friday (Feb. 19).

The new track has similar vibes to many of the controversial rapper’s previous outputs and finds him rap-yelling tough bars.“Are you dumb? You ain’t spin a block, you a damn lie/Suck a dick,” he rhymes. “You ain’t kill shit, you let your mans die/Tell me you not feelin’ shit ’cause we was killin’ shit/‘Member days when we was hittin’ shit, don’t want to reminisce/Look, lil’ shawty got the body-ody, ody-ody/Slimy mouth, she gavе me sloppy-toppy in the Maserati.”

6ix9ine is allegedly taking shots at Lil Durk, who lost his fellow OTF label mate, King Von, in November. 6ix9ine has been mocking Durk and the fallen rapper since his passing on social media. In the music video the 24-year-old rapper released to accompany the new single, a clip from the run-in between Meek Mill and Tekashi ends up in the two-minute music video. Along with the controversial footage of Meek, 6ix9ine is surrounded by women and men partying as money gets thrown through the air.

Tekashi’s first musical release since his album dropped last September and he did he walk of shame on Instagram, he first teased the single on Feb. 4. Sporting new tattoos and a questionable beard, the Brooklyn rapper shared a snippet of the new track via IG and boasted that he’d been missed on the world wide web. “ARE YOU READY????? ,” he captioned the clip. “100,000 comments if you want this right now ‼️‼️ I TOOK ENOUGH TIME OFF TO SHOW YOU THIS INTERNET SHIT IS BORING WITHOUT ME SUCK MY DICK.”

On Tuesday (Feb. 9), 6ix doubled down on promotion of a new single, sharing a snippet of another record on IG. “WHO READY FOR THE KING RETURN‼️‼️‼️ 100,000 COMMENTS IF YALL READY 🔥🔥🔥 ITS COMINGGGGGGGG,” he captioned the clip. “I SHOT AND ROBBED ALL THESE RAPPERS IN REAL LIFE NO CAP………. THE FEDS CHARGED ME FOR THAT A WHOLE FUCKING CASE!” he added, quoting the lyrics.

Tekashi is surely hoping his second attempt at a comeback ends better than the first. Following his early release from prison, as the result of getting time shaved off his federal racketeering and gun charge case for cooperating with the government, he released popular singles like “Trollz” and “Gooba.” However, they failed to transfer to album sales as his LP only sold 50,000 copies in its first week after being forecasted to push 150,000.

Watch 6ix9ine’s new video for “Zaza” below.

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