Man Confronts Playboi Carti on the Street, Punch Thrown – Watch

Playboi Carti recently got into a verbal altercation with a man that apparently turned physical.

On Saturday (Feb. 20), video surfaced of Carti being called out outside of a building by a man who is recording the entire encounter. “You a pussy, nigga. You a pussy,” the man yells before Carti confronts him. Carti then appears to reach into his back pocket as if he may have a weapon. “What you gon’ shoot me?” the man questions.

Seemingly confused by the man’s tirade, Carti  questions him. “What you pulling out the phone for?” Carti responds, clearly agitated. “I’m saying, I don’t know you.”

From there, the man continues to berate the rapper. “Put the pistol down and fight me, nigga,” he yells.

Carti then questions someone off camera, and asks them if the person that confronted Carti is his or her brother, while the man continues to threaten Carti. Finally, the point of the kerfuffle is addressed. The man accuses Carti of psychically harming his sister, which the Whole Lotta Red rapper denies. After more back and forth, someone appears to strike the man who is threatening Carti, though it is unclear who dealt the blow. Shortly afterward, the video cuts off.

Carti appeared to address the situation on Twitter on Saturday. According to elusive rapper, he is the one who hit the man. “i KnOck br0 oUT. hE WAS bEInG TOo cRAZY!” Carti tweeted.

After putting out his highly-anticipated Whole Lotta Red album in December, Carti is reportedly prepping a deluxe version of the polarizing album.

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