Azealia Banks Accuses Nicki Minaj of Cocaine Use, Nicki Responds

Azealia Banks recently took shots at her archenemy Nicki Minaj, accusing the Queen Barb of using cocaine. Now, Nicki is refuting the claims.

The root of the latest online skirmish between the two rappers began when Nicki appeared on Instagram Live on Thursday night (May 13), to promote the release of her 2018 mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty, to streaming services. Throughout the session, Nicki noticeably had the sniffles. She blamed it on getting some emotional news right before she got on camera. While Nicki was on Live, Banks was also on Live, critiquing Nicki’s presentation. She had some harsh opinions.

“Girl, if you sniffle one more time on this muthafuckin’ Live, sis. The Barbz, y’all need to check her on that,” Banks said in the clip holding back laughter. “No, we have to talk about that sniffling, Nicki. You not low. You not low. Please stop sniffling, sis. That shit is not even cute no more. Cocaine is not even cocaine no more. Once they locked El Chapo up, bitch, the original formula is gone. Whatever you putting in your nose, please stop putting it in your nose. Baby powder, teething powder…whatever you putting in your nose. Please stop putting it in your nose, Nicki. That is not okay. And them titties look like a butt.”

On Friday evening (May 14), Nicki posted the cryptic tweet, “Trust, it’s all fun & games until I wanna play too,” which may have been directed at Banks’ rant.

A few hours later, Nicki directly addressed the speculation on her drug use on Instagram Live. “I don’t know if it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be embarrassed about any fuckin’ drugs I did, that’s why I talk about the muthafuckin’ drugs I do in my muthafuckin’ music,” Nicki said. “Always have, always fuckin’ will. If I’m off ’em, I’m off ’em, child. But, I want to make this clear so open everybody’s ears, clear them ears out. I have never, ever in my life with my hands on Jesus Christ, and y’all know how I feel about my Lord and savior. Never in my life, ever, not even once sniffed coke. Ever.”

Nicki noted she has allergies and is always cold, giving that as the reason for her nasal issues. “If I ever did coke at anytime in my life, I woulda been rapping about it,” she said.

Nicki added, “I have a lot of friends, or acquaintances, in the industry who do coke. I don’t judge them for it but I’ve never tried it, never wanted to, never asked them to. Especially in the fashion world, that’s so common and normal….That’s the thing, when people used to lie about me I never used to clear my name and there was someone who took a major step and told that lie to people and I never addressed it because I thought it was too ridiculous at the time to address but something just told me [to address it now].”

Azealia has been one of Nicki’s harshest critics over the years. It doesn’t appear that beef will be rectified anytime soon.

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