Don Lemon Makes Debut On New CNN Show

Don Lemon shocked social media when he hinted at a big change that caused people to assume he was leaving CNN at the end of his May 14 show. The real story was that the anchor’s show would be getting a name change, CNN explained. As of May 15, CNN Tonight with Don Lemon ended it’s seven-year run and is now called Don Lemon Tonight.

The new show premiered Monday, May 17.

The anchor said, “We may have a new name, but we have the same mission … [an] even stronger mission. To have the kinds of conversations America needs to move ahead as a country.” 

He also added, “Whether you like it or not, we’re going to tell the truth on this show.” 

Lemon joined CNN in 2006 and has hosted CNN Tonight since 2014.

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See the clip below of him in his office setting up the show right before the newly named show made it’s debut on air.

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