Man Wanted Threatened ‘Spray The Place Up’

Police reported that a man threatened to “spray the place up” in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina after a woman declined to speak to him. 

On Monday (June 14), William Desian Fields was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree assault and battery, aiming and pointing a firearm at someone, and marijuana possession. 

According to News13, the victim, who remains anonymous, reported to police that she walked the 2700 blocks of North Ocean Boulevard, with a coworker. It was then that Fields (on an unspecified day as the report reads) approached the woman and tried to talk to her by the hotel she worked at. The woman refused and Fields went to his vehicle to get a duffle bag with body armor, a loaded magazine and played with the bullets. 

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The victim then left and a male victim approached Fields in an attempt to calm him down. Allegedly, Fields showed the male a gun and said he’s going to “spray the place up,” as stated in the police report. 

Initially, both victims were informed to not contact the police department until the General Manager of the hotel finished an internal investigation. Police took written statements from hotel management on the day of the incident.

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