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Kamala Harris’s Tupac Comment Sparks Questions

Kamala Harris has a lot of “California Love” for Tupac Shakur, to the point where she made a comment about the late rapper that sent Twitter in a frenzy. During the NAACP’s virtual convention on Friday (September 25), Joe Biden’s running mate was asked who she believes is the “best rapper alive.” “Tupac,” Harris replied.  […]

Kentucky’s Lone Black Female Lawmaker Arrested

Kentucky Rep. Attica Scott (D), the state’s only Black female lawmaker, was arrested and charged with a felony rioting charge Thursday (September 24) after a grand jury failed to indict three officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s fatal shooting. Scott, who in August proposed a measure to end no-knock warrants statewide, was arrested by police in […]

Facebook Bans Employees From Supporting BLM In Profile Pics

While Mark Zuckerberg has been publicly supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and decried the Breonna Taylor decision in a company all-hands meeting this week, Facebook allegedly doesn’t want its employees to express their political views on its platform. According to Mother Jones, the company issued new rules this week barring employees from using their […]

Trump Announces Amy Coney Barrett As Pick For Supreme Court

Ruth Bader Ginsburg‘s death exactly one week ago sent the political world into a frenzy, as speculation over who President Donald Trump would choose to succeed the progressive Supreme Court justice reached a fever pitch. The stakes couldn’t be higher: another conservative justice added to an already right-leaning court could mean everything from the end […]